It's back! The Annual Pulse Short Story Contest! We're looking for original, never-before-published 500 words (or less) short stories to be published in our July 13th issue. Ready, set...write! more

Jun 7, 2017 12:49 PM Fun

Devanooga is a brand new online resource for professionals and amateurs alike in and around the Chattanooga area who enjoy tinkering with technology. The non-profit organization started in January to help build and further the careers of “nerds” ... more

Jun 21, 2017 11:10 AM City Life 1 Comments

“Ha ha ha,” you’re thinking. “What’s this idiot going on about now? Mirrors?” A childish question, but not one a child might ask, because children aren’t interested in the minutiae of adult life and if yours are, you probably have other things to ... more

Jun 21, 2017 11:10 AM Air Bag

He closed his eyes, pulled deeply on a smoke and held it to his lips long after his lungs could expand no more, His body froze for a few precious seconds before releasing as if it was his last act and to be cherished forever, the bitter heat of ... more

Jun 21, 2017 11:10 AM On The Beat

In a white, brick building on the Northshore sits a beautifully curated “shoppe” filled with art, furniture, paper, kitchen accessories and gifts galore. It’s known as Sophie’s Shoppe and it’s been sitting pretty on the corner of North Market and ... more

Jun 21, 2017 11:10 AM Business Briefs

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