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I certainly affirm the right of anyone to defend themselves and recognize the difficult and dangerous situations that police officers find themselves in. I would point out that these situations were created by activities (drugs/gambling) being illegal. It is their ccriminal designation that put them in the black market attracting the worst elements and making them targets for violence/robbery. The fact that dealing drugs is illegal makes it an almost exclusively cash business. also, if a drug dealer is robbed does he call the police? Typically not. I have respect for the police and military for the sacrifice, hard work and spirit of their service. That being said, they are enforcers of policy written by politicians for whom i have no respect. I believe the less the government tries to control it's population the less danger/confrontation officers and citizens will find themselves in. ]]> 986564e2-dae3-11e1-93e7-1231394043be Sun, 22 Apr 2012 12:52:18 GMT
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