HATCH'd http://www.chattanoogapulse.com/beginnings/hatch-festival-chattanooga/ A festival whose time has come—quickly en-us <function copyright at 0x73a3b18> Mon, 23 Apr 2012 14:35:16 GMT meaning of "organic" HATCH origin vs Riverbend? What do you mean by "HATCH's development has been much more organic than this (Riverbend)..." Are you not aware that four of us locals started the idea that became the Riverbend, when it was at first an open downtown venues festival? You might enjoy my forthcoming 1990 book on this when it appears on Amazon next month. Yes, HATCH was a fine first step, and all will depend on funding. Good article. Regards, Sid]]> http://www.chattanoogapulse.com/beginnings/hatch-festival-chattanooga/ 98656730-dae3-11e1-a0fb-1231394043be Mon, 23 Apr 2012 14:35:16 GMT