Public Intoxication—Jail or Hospital? Arguing over the “interwebs.” Wow. So rarely is humility better illustrated than when you partake in such a dispute … yet here I am. en-us <function copyright at 0x6972ed8> Thu, 09 Oct 2014 23:30:49 GMT I was taken to the hospital for this
Where's my clothes? over there she said so I got out of bed which there was a grown under me so I grabbed the grown and started doing a strip tease in front of the lady until the nurse came back in again what are you doing? Oh I'm trying to put the grown on.

I got dress and when out side the room and a doctor was running down the hallway with papers in his hand looking for information since they couldn't find my drivers licenses(no I don't drink and drive period) I asked him how much is this going to cost and he said 90.00 I don't have 90.00 which he said you can bring it back.

Then the nightmare came in the mail, the bill was for 251.00 okay I can deal with that but then the second bill came in the mail for 13,011.00 and I just received another bill today for 580.00 so it looks like more money is to be made by taking somebody to the hospital then jail.

I'm still confused about why the doctor said 90.00 and think he was going to pocket the money but if he told me the paper work wouldn't be filed I would of ran home to get the money.

I never had a problem smoking Marijuana which has stupid laws but their changing everyday, one of the new laws in Philadelphia is get caught with 30 grams it's just a fine, get caught smoking it public it's a 100.00 fine.

I should have been born in the cowboy days who drank booze like crazy but I'll take Marijuana over booze any day. That's my story. ]]> d46df1a4-502d-11e4-be58-22000a4f82a6 Thu, 09 Oct 2014 23:30:49 GMT
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