February 28, 2013

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For the transition from film score to 12-minute concert suite, Clinton had to rethink those themes for a different setting. The concert version has to be short enough to fit on an orchestra program with other pieces, and it needs to be fun for the orchestra to play and fun for the audience to hear.

“Film music is a very practical music,” he said. “It’s not like music that’s designed to be heard in concert. It serves the purpose of helping the director tell the story. That’s really the only purpose it has.”

After going back and forth with the director, the creative process culminates in a “scoring session” where Clinton conducts an 80-piece orchestra playing the score.

“That’s my favorite part of process, that moment where I’m conducting it and hearing it played by this amazing group of musicians,” he said. “That’s why the suite is going to be so much fun. Once the film score is recorded, you don’t ever get to hear it live again unless it’s performed by a symphony.”

Southeast Film Music Symposium

$150 • March 1-3 • The Tivoli Theatre • 709 Broad St. • (423) 267-8583 •


February 28, 2013

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