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Gay Arthur Lovingly Tackles Time

One doesn’t have to look far in Chattanooga to find quality realist oil paintings, as is evidenced by some prolific work at In-Town Gallery. Gay Arthur’s latest series examines change and the effects of time with still life and landscape ...

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J.W. Butts bills himself as a southern artist, and if by some reason you’ve conflated Southern with realism, think again. Butts, a painter with a bold, colorful style, shines the light fantastic on everything he touches. Now, J.W. Butts is coming ... Read more


A magnificent collection of fine wood furnishings is currently on display on Chattanooga’s North Shore, at the In-Town Gallery. Roger Harvey combines a lifetime of woodworking experience with local lumber, innovative processes, and lots of patience. Read more


Yoga is nothing new in the Tennessee Valley. Different studios and yoga classes have popped up all over town for years. On any given week, you can find hot yoga, power yoga, restorative and flow, each with benefits including increased flexibility ... Read more


Upon first glance, some of her works might look like paintings or digital art—Sue Fox’s recent work pushes the boundaries of collage, conjuring landscapes, color fields, and Escher-esque multidimensional environments. Their complexity and ... Read more

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Horror and comedy aren’t usually two genres that go hand in hand, as seen from countless failed movie attempts at blending the two. However, if said movies are all you’ve seen of horror and comedy, then be prepared to change your mind with the ... Read more

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