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A Gem Of The Ocean Comes To The Scenic City

Imagine if humans lived significantly longer than we did. For example, imagine if an important member of society lived to be, say, 285 years old. While the preservation of history via writing is incredibly important, we could learn so much from ...

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Chattanooga is full of little nooks and crannies that contain pleasant surprises. In the city, various alleys that hide in plain sight may be home to some extraordinarily impressive art displays crafted by some of the finest local and regional ... Read more


At a coffee shop in Soddy Daisy (yes, there is a hip coffee shop in Soddy Daisy but we’ll get to that in another issue), I glanced over to find such intricate hand-drawn, detailed wall hangings that warmed my spirit as much as the cup of hot joe ... Read more


Nestled in the heart of downtown, McCallie Avenue may seem like an ordinary street, but many of the buildings feature a variety of full-scale murals, all of which are arguably fantastic. These murals are part of the McCallie Walls Mural Project ... Read more


Live. Laugh. Love. This simple yet profound phrase speaks to the very core of what it means to be human. It is a personal mantra, a daily affirmation, and perhaps most importantly, a slogan used to adorn clothing and household products. Read more


Some arts get you name recognition. Think about Kate Winslet gracing the screen on Titanic. But where would they be without their costumes? You can’t imagine the character Rose without those sumptuous period dresses. Costumes are always on ... Read more


Faith can be a very powerful emotion; it can bring people to their knees, keep them hopeful in times of trouble, and motivate them to be better people. However, faith can also be tested in ways we didn’t know possible. The Chattanooga Theatre ... Read more


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