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Time To Gallery Hop To It

It’s time for the annual, city-wide art experience with Chattanooga’s Gallery Hop, hosted by the Association for Visual Arts (AVA). This Saturday, from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m., enjoy a free, “self-guided gallery experience” that can take you through ...

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Bonnie Scoggins, known artistically as The Bonnie Potter, has dozens of in-progress clay plates, mugs, and bowls drying on a shelf at her in-home studio in Red Bank. On another shelf are piles of doilies, ready to be imprinted into clay. Known in ... Read more

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I have to admit it—I’ve been sleeping on Chattanooga Dance Theatre. The studio in Hixson has just two full-time professional company members, but they partner with a lot of well-known Chattanooga dancers and choreographers, and their student body ... Read more


The Lion King is clearly one of Disney’s most beloved animated musical films, and for good reason; it wouldn’t have received a live-action remake earlier this year if it wasn’t. The film, released in 1994, tells the inspiring tale of a young lion ... Read more


In our age of excessive documentation, when every smart phone camera is a fountain of objectivity, it can be incredibly refreshing to find art that seeks to subvert the literal. Barrot Rendleman accomplishes this with painting and photography ... Read more


American Impressionism is alive and well in Chattanooga. Award-winning artist Tori Parrish captures scenes with quick, energetic brushstrokes, translating and encoding moments of her life into dynamic oil paintings ... Read more


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