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The Sounds Of Five Doors Slamming

Being a travelling actor in 1953 New York was no easy task, I imagine. Finding steady work and spending time with your family, while still living out your dream of becoming an actor, sounds challenging, even in today’s society. It may have been ...

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Many local rock and roll fans and live music supporters know Kathleen Vlodek as the bassist/vocalist (and sometimes guitarist) of the stellar punk band One Timers—fans of the band know that they create a variety of music and that their songs ... Read more


One of the most colorful artists in the area, Morgan Oostra, smiles as we jest about her being the woman in black. With phrases like, “You don’t know me” and “Go Home” incorporated into her work, Shut Eye Designs invites intrigue with honesty and ... Read more


A scintillating collection of art is currently being produced by a duo of painters known as Videnda Vibes. Though their styles are different, Kayla Dalton and Jesse Shorter have managed to create a body of work that is cohesive as it is uniquely ... Read more


Confession: ever since I was an awkward kid in knee socks and pigtails, I’ve been a little worried about fashion. The arts of clothing and styling seemed to me like: 1) Something everyone else was good at; 2) Something I was bad at; and ... Read more


If asked to name a few of the most influential detective writers of all time, you’re likely to think of English author Agatha Christie, and for good reason. From “Murder on the Orient Express” to “Endless Night”, Christie wrote more than 60 ... Read more


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