July 19, 2012

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The look of the sculptural bridge elements springs from Sayre’s lifelong fascination with industrial structures.

“I have always been interested in steel trusses and bridges and gantry cranes and that kind of stuff,” he said. “It’s been fun to create this lightweight looking but very strong structure ... which was also the goal of designer of the Walnut Street Bridge. All the detailing, every move in that bridge has a reason. It’s not ornamental, but it has this lacy wonderful quality that I think our trusses have as well.”

When the park is completed by the end of this year, Main Terrain’s three movable bridgelets will beckon visitors through this long skinny park, in part by duplicating the way the sun plays along the length of the Walnut Street Bridge.

“One way we did that was to twist the truss, which makes it much more complicated to build and engineer,” Sayre said. “We wanted the complexity of the thin members that reflect the sun to create light and shadow in relation to the moving sun. And they themselves move, too, so there’s always a different light show in relation to the sun.”


July 19, 2012

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It seems like some important details were left out of the story.

Mike Alley more than 1 years ago

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