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In Support Of Pride Month

Improv Chattanooga is well-known in the area for attracting some of the best improvisors in the Southeast. Its main goal is to turn Chattanooga into a huge improv destination, similar to New York or Chicago. They welcome people of all experience ...

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The Chattanooga WorkSpace has been a staple in the area since it was redeveloped in 2012. It was originally a nursing home until Chris Thomas’ creative direction turned it into the spot everyone flocks to for local art. The space is used by an ... Read more

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This Friday artist Jamie Jameson has a new gallery show going on, and if you’re wondering what kind of art to expect at this show just know Jameson is amazing at everything. The show at Frequency Arts will feature her prints, drawings, paintings ... Read more

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Make your own indigo designs at the Exploring Indigo Dyeing and Shibori workshop at Townsend Atelier on Sunday, June 2. These most-of-the-day sessions, hosted by teacher and textile artist Aaron Sanders Head, sold out handily during 2018. Seize ... Read more

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Ever since the 1860 original choreographed by Marie Taglioni, companies have been staging “Le Papillion (The Butterfly)”. It’s a fairy tale about a mistreated maidservant, Farfalla, imprisoned by an evil fairy, Hamza. A prince, Djalma, happens ... Read more

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The old Alstom facility on Riverfront Parkway has been taken over as a performance venue. The Pop-Up Project, Chattanooga’s site-specific dance and production company, has teamed up with SoundCorps to present “Abandoned Arts 2019”, which they ... Read more

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