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A Church At Odds

Written by Lucas Hnath, “The Christians” is a gripping play involving a church pastor’s overnight change of thought towards his faith, prompting a scriptural conflict between him and his congregation when he announces his newfound beliefs.

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Presented by the Chattanooga Symphony & Opera, Georges Bizet’s celebrated and once-controversial tragic opera “Carmen”, a devastating story of conflicted Spanish lovers, opens this week at the Tivoli Theatre. The nineteenth-century French opera ... Read more

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If you’re interested in all things art, then you’ll find yourself very busy this April with the commencement of ARTBURST, a month-long collaboration of local art and events in Chattanooga. Headed by Public Art Chattanooga, Chattanooga Convention ... Read more

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Vinny Colucci is a photography veteran: he’s been peering into a viewfinder since 1979, though he started his professional work in 1995. His work primarily captures nature’s grandeur, with visually stunning images of vast landscapes and the ... Read more

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A hallmark of American literature from celebrated author John Steinbeck, the 1937 novella “Of Mice and Men” is being adapted from the written word to the dramatized stage by Back Alley Productions. Audiences will have an opportunity to see a ... Read more

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The next time you walk into the Hunter Museum of American Art, make time just to stay in the lobby before heading upstairs to the exhibit room. For that is where sculptor Alyson Shotz has created a companion piece to her exhibit “Un/Folding” ... Read more

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When walking around downtown, we rarely recognize that Chattanooga was once an idea on a drawing board, gazed upon by city planners from the past. For those planners, designing Chattanooga was undoubtedly a monumental effort in itself, but to ... Read more

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