January 2, 2014

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Kicking off the New Year at its start, In-Town Gallery plans to “Celebrate Art!” Every medium involved in the original work of their 34 artists will be represented on the front wall as an introduction to the wealth of creativity within the gallery, which begins its 40th Anniversary celebration (which will continue all year long) highlighted with a special event on Founders’ Day in September.

The exhibit covers the "ABCs of Art"–Acrylics, Assemblage, Beads, Charcoal, Clay, Collage, Encaustic, Etching, Fiber, Glass, Graphite, Ink, Jewels, Metal, Mixed Media, Oils, Pastels, Pencil, Photos, Tiles, Watercolors and Wood. 

Painting mediums include acrylics, encaustic, ink, oils, pastels and watercolors. Almost half of the In-Town artists, 16, are painters. Some work exclusively in one medium; others like to experiment in many.

Other forms of expression, like etching designs into metal plates and pulling proofs, as well as a whole galaxy of sparkling adornments formed with hand-tooled precious metals, beads from seed-size to marble-size, high-quality gems, colorful stones, quartz crystals, pearls, and more by In-Town jewlers as featured in the exhibit.

“Celebrate Art!” reception at In-Town Gallery

5 p.m. In-Town Gallery, 

26A Frazier Ave. (423) 267-9214, 


January 2, 2014

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