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Poem Called: I Cant’t Breathe

I can’t breathe,
Stop using your knees,
You’re choking me stop please,
I can’t breathe,
I’m on the ground,
I’ve gave up, so just relax, I’m down
Please roll me on my back.
My nose is bleeding give me some slack.
Help me, someone help me please.
I’m handcuffed, I’m not resisting,
I’m down I’m listening.
Please remove your knees,
I can’t breathe.

Someone get this cop off of me,
He’s killing me you can see.
He’s hurting me with his knees,
Help me I can’t breathe,
I’m dying slowly and quickly,
He don’t care, help me I’m dying,
Help me I’m hurting and crying.
I’m just on the ground I’m not resisting,
I’m not fighting, he’s choking and hurting me.
He’s killing me with his knees,
I’m dying because I can’t breathe,

R. I. P: George Floyd

Kim Prout 112 days ago

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