August 8, 2013

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He secured an additional grant from the American division of the British Royal Society of the Arts to pay interns Emma Flynn and Myles Freeman to work with him for a year, helping with this project, creating a second mural themselves on Glass Street, and training to paint another large mural with him somewhere else in Chattanooga, perhaps downtown.

"There's a lot of demand suddenly for murals, and we've been working to create that demand for years, a lot of us have been," he said. "In the long run I'd like to develop a talent pool here. I hope people like Myles and Emma become ten times the muralists I've ever been so that we can have better work here."

LaRose believes murals have the ability to serve the community in unique ways.

"Murals aren't really about the artists, they're about the community," he said. "We may sign them somewhere but they're really not about us. That's a good role for an artist, trying to offer something of value and beauty to your community. Its a whole lot better than being in this narcissistic world of trying to 'make it' as an artist."

Glass House Collective is planning an unveiling party for the mural on Friday, Aug. 16 at 6 p.m. For more information, visit


August 8, 2013

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