May 30, 2013

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Hinck goes so far as to say that, with intermedia art, "The conversation is the work.

"The actual realizations of those ideas are very ephemeral and fleeting and can shift through mediums and disciplines," says Hinck. "If I'm having a conversation with a poet about a gender issue, that's the work. The film or poem or painting that comes out of it is just residue of that conversation. To me that's contemporary art. It's no longer about medium specificity.”

"And it's no longer about working in isolation, the solitary artist toiling over their craft and then creating the object or whatever. All that goes away," adds Lenahan. "I don't think you can be an artist without being part of an artistic community. I don't think you're making contemporary art if you're not part of a contemporary audience for art."

"It changes what we can hope to be as artists, what our role is," says Hinck. "Is it to create the next great work of art, or is it to contribute to the conversation?"

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May 30, 2013

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