September 12, 2013

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There are a number of examples that focus our attention on the primary subject that may be realistic or sharply impressionistic, then move onward to expressionistic or abstract backgrounds. Melissa Hefferlin’s “Ciara” (oil on linen) employs an abstracted background to her active subject, promoting a sense of motion in this work.

Other stunning examples of this approach may be found in Kataiucia Dias’s (oil of canvas), Jennifer Leah Hand’s “Surrender” (oil on panel), Anne Cavanaugh’s “Dissecting Emotions” (charcoal) and Susan Russell’s “Blue Velvet Sofa” (oil on linen).

Laura Ruby’s “The Haunted Bridge” (screen print) not only brings a complex sense to her subject, but she also shows remarkable nuances with respect to her chosen medium. Absolutely delightful!

Degrees of realistic representation in some of these portraits suggest a confluence with photography. Lacy Lewis’s “Daisy Bucket” (oil on canvas) seems so close to actuality. We ought to remember that a photo of a painting can provide a sense of the work, but not the experience of the work.

Please do avail yourself of this chance to experience such a wealth of perspectives of women. The works are also for sale, and they will enhance collections.


September 12, 2013

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