ETC: Passion for Making Theater and Paying Actors



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E.T.C.'s Heart of Empowerment

Thank you so much Rich for writing this article about ETC's commitment and investment in live theater. This article invites everyone to participate in helping this community find a voice in the performing arts. A professional is someone who gets paid for their services and that's exactly what ETC embraces and supports...professional actors that can take your breath away! In a community that does not support the arts in their public education system, it is crucial that students who have dedicated themselves emotional, mentally, physically and financially to their art form have an environment that supports professionalism. I have been at ETC performances when there has been only three other audience members but also in sold-out houses. At each and every performance, I received the pleasure of watching young artists perfecting their art form. Here's hoping that articles like this one will help build audiences who will invest in groups such as ETC!

Ann Law more than 9 years ago

Why do I need a subject? I'm commenting on a subject already! MY COMMENT DOESN'T NEED A SUBJECT!

I like money and I like feeling things and I like other people feeling how I feel sometimes and I like feeling connected to people and I like Garrys and I like Christys and I like John Thomas-s. It's very convenient then that ETC provides access to all of these things for me.

Jamie Goodnight more than 9 years ago

ETC Actor

I know how hard it can be to hold a job and keep up your passion. ETC gives me the opportunity to do what I love while helping out with the financial demands that love causes. Not only that, but working with the producing partners and the talented actors cast in their shows have helped me grow as an actress. Every time I see a show there I find myself proud to be envolved with such an amazing group of people.

Morgan Robbins more than 9 years ago


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