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I'm nearly 50 and have listened to blues rock all of my life. Early on Zeppelin was my go to band and at an early age they "Shook Me" and I was stunned at everything they put out. Then I moved on to every other rock/blues band throughout the late 60's/early-mid 70's. They all blew my mind and after listening to them all for 40 years they became a part of me like an old man and old lady's marriage. I did a little Grunge but other than that blues/rock was dead for me. Left Lane Cruiser woke me back up and I never thought that possible. It brought back excitement to my musical tastes to the point that I even began to listen to the old masters with a new breath. Really great band for anyone looking to listen to what I call real music/talent.

ToBa more than 1 year ago

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