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article by Rich Bailey on Emerson Burch

I admire Burch's active and philosophical approach to developing a wholistic, creative environment in which to support a visual arts community. As a dance artist and educator, I find that there is no common point in which to open a discussion on the art form of dance. Even with other artists from other fields, I can engage in conversation regarding their art forms but when the tables turn to my art form, they have no experience or education in which to conduct a conversation. I believe what is necessary is creating a structure of understanding and belonging. Now, how to do that...

Ann Law more than 9 years ago

artish making ends meet

It is difficult trying to make ends meet here in Chattanooga. As a visual artist who's focus is theatre arts, the community is too small to really sustain me. Fortunately, it is easier when having another job to help make ends meet. What's difficult is when I am in production putting in 30-40+ hours, but need that pastry job to make ends meet when the show starts its run. Nobody should have to work 50-60 hours a week to make ends meet.

dottie may more than 9 years ago

Great Article

Thanks for the great article, Rich. Nicely done!

And just to clarify, I am completely on-board with public art and commissions (love, love, love)... I would just like to see us, as a city use a different mix of strategies that focus on targeted economic engine creation that reduces artist dependency on grant-seeking, which would even make our amazing granting system, like MakeWork and others really help those who are exceptionally challenged market-wise.

Emerson Burch more than 9 years ago

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