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Chattanooga Writer's Guild Presents July Writing Contest Winner

The Chattanooga Writers’ Guild theme for July's contest was "Redemption" and our winner is J. Lawrence Bateman with his fiction story "Fatherhood".  J. Lawrence Bateman is a previously unpublished ...

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The Chattanooga Writers’ Guild theme for June's contest was "Exploration" and the winner is Sherry Poff with her creative nonfiction piece, "Northeast." Sherry Poff grew up in the hills of West ... Read more

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Our theme for May's contest was "Renewal" and our winner is John C. Mannone with his poem, "Mourning Routine". Mannone has poems appearing in North Dakota Quarterly, Le Menteur, Blue Fifth ... Read more

The Written Word

Southern Lit Alliance is bringing back the FocusLit fundraiser as they work to encourage engaged and passionate readers and writers with their literary festivals, author lectures, writing contests for ... Read more

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The Chattanooga Public Library has officially kicked off the Make.Play.Read.Learn. summer learning program. The program is open to all ages, and anyone interested in participating can sign up at ... Read more

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The Poetry Society of Tennessee is pleased to announce its 65th Annual Festival Contest. The contest is open both to members and non-members and features 27 categorical contests for English ... Read more

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The Chattanooga Writers Guild is pleased to announce the Annual Spring Writing Contest. Open to all writers 18 and older, living in Southeast Tennessee/North Georgia, or within 70 miles of ... Read more

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