January 26, 2012

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Moonlight Bride

Year formed: 2007

Members: Justin Wilcox, Matt Livingston, Justin Grasham, Dave Maki

Website: moonlightbridemusic.com

Moonlight Bride has been receiving critical accolades and building a large, loyal audience with extensive touring as well as performances here in their hometown. This spring, they will return to SXSW in Austin, Texas, along with several other Chattanooga bands.

They will be releasing a seven-inch at JJ’s Bohemia on Feb. 11, followed by a five-song EP in early March titled “Twin Lakes.”

The band can also be heard on the new compilation album highlighting Tennessee bands titled “Tennesthesia,” reviewed last week in The Pulse.

Moonlight Bride’s debut album, “Myths,” is available on iTunes.

In 2009, Paste magazine assistant editor (and Chattanoogan) Rachael Maddux  had this to say in her review of “Myths”:

“These guys blew the lid off my notion that I’d never really love a band from my hometown—though I’m ashamed to admit I had to be told about them third-hand from some out-of-town folks before I believed it. ‘Myths’ has become one of my favorite albums of the year. It’s just 10 tracks but it feels huge, dark and wounded but shot through at all the right moments with glorious, bursting choruses and moody, skittering guitar ... Chattanooga can’t keep this secret much longer.”

Pulse music critic Ernie Paik noted recently that the band “has subtly transformed its sound over the last four years, but with guitar-noise and post-punk influences, it has kept a certain quality constant by delivering an engaging momentum with its songs.”

The Bohannons

Year formed: 2003

Members: Marty Bohannon, Josh Beaver, Nick Sterchi, Matt Bohannon

Website: reverbnation.com/thebohannons

The Bohannons, led by the two brothers of the Bohannon name, have always been pushing their sound and the places their sound is taking them since inception.

The band has been creating musical narratives informed by personal experience, blending classic and modern influences, since the early 1990s when brothers Matt and Marty Bohannon made their first recording onto a four-track cassette tape in a duplex garage at their parents’ home. Their soundscapes emanate country, blues and folk standards fused together with rock, punk and power pop structures. Roky Erikson, Crazy Horse, Frank Black and The Band are often mentioned in describing  their sound.

Following their debut album, “Songs for the Disenfranchised,” the group released “Days of Echo,” a combination of explosive songs matched with perfectly balanced, paced and acoustically based selections. The album was recorded in Chicago with sound wizard Steve Albini (Nirvana, Pixies, Robert Plant) and mixed by Nashville’s Grammy-winning Vance Powell (Raconteurs).

On Jan. 2, after performing a stellar New Year’s Eve show opening for The Features at The Honest Pint, The Bohannons were featured on a live Internet broadcast for the huge audience of Daytrotter.com, an online live studio performance website. Along with that trip to Illinois, they will be doing multiple dates in the Midwest.

The Bohannons have new material in the works and plan to release a new album by the end of this summer.

Elk Milk

Year formed: 2010

Members: Ben Hobbs, Isaac Houck, Josh Hyde

Website: reverbnation.com/elkmilk

Elk Milk is a recently formed band who began making music in mid 2010 and played their first live show at JJ’s Bohemia in February 2011. Hobbs and Houck relocated to Chattanooga, with Hobbs moving down from Nashville and Houck hailing from the midwest as well as having spent time in South Africa.

In their brief history, the band’s live performances have gained them immediate attention and respect among their peers and sparked a grrowing fan base.

The band took their name from the elk milk vine or Ligtning Blossom, a vine commonly found in the moutainous regions of the Pacific Northwest and though to contain healing properties, said to cure madness and to used to banish evil spirits.

January 26, 2012

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