August 2, 2012

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Every Tuesday night since May 15, Vaudeville Café has hosted its “Mouth of the South” stand-up comedy competition, open to all comers and a promise of a $1,000 cash prize at the end of the rainbow. Now, the end is near and 12 finalists will compete on Tuesday, Aug. 7, for the title and the cash.

“We had 78 comics from all over sign up—from Florida to Michigan—as well as all the local favorites from this area,” said Vaudeville’s Sandra Moses.

That comic herd was thinned to 35 semi-finalists before the Top 12 were chosen for finals. According to Moses, Eric Yoder of the Funny Business Booking Agency will be the final arbiter of comic taste. The top comic will be booking with Yoder's Funny Business agency for future shows around the country as part of the winnings.

The finals begin at 8 p.m. at the comedy club and mystery dinner theater, located at 138 Market St. Admission is free. For more details, contact Vaudeville Café at (423) 517-1839 or visit

Here is the line-up of the finalists with links to clips of their stand-up:

Jamie Ward:

DJ Lewis: v=wWY40PSTXPk&feature=BFa& list=FLb0tbqeu_zqEBtUd33p6I_g

Anderson Scott: v=btn3AOtEm6k

Jerry Harvey:

Jonna Mitchell Robinson aka Red Squirrell: v=7GqqCIE3HSA

Corey Ryan Forrester: CoreyForrester

James Cherry:

Nick Dressel:

Christian Salso:

Ben Thompson:

Chad Rosser:

Terry Wright

Drinks specials with $2.25 drafts and $1 shots will be on hand to augment your night out while enjoying this unique and special evening of talented comics.

August 2, 2012

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Tomorrow nights show:

I am very excited and looking forward to tomorrow nights show...I've heard all good things about Vaudeville Café as well as the “Mouth of the South” stand-up comedy competition. I keep calling to find out about reservations, but I guess we'll take our chance in getting seats. Looking forward to a great time & CONGRADULATIONS to all who made FINALIST :))) Thanks so much, in advance, for a GREAT TIME :))))

faithe howard more than 1 years ago

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