January 3, 2013

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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

As many of you know, this December marks the 10th anniversary of The Pulse. As one of the founders of this publication, I can truly say I have enjoyed my work with the people and fellow collaborators who have contributed over the years.

I particularly want to thank Michael Kull, who was my business partner in the venture from it’s inception. I thank Bill Colrus, our first editor, and Eric Jackson our intrepid first art director. Hell, I think we were all the definition of intrepid. You’d have to be into risky behavior to join an upstart alternative weekly in a mid-size southern town. That’s just nuts.

I thank Jim Brewer for making The Pulse part of Brewer Media and the chance to work with the wonderful people here. I have acquired skills and knowledge that I have been able to apply in my work. I am sure they will be applied in the future. Carter Street is a great place to be. Jim’s knowledge, energy and enthusiasm is to be admired. My more recent work over the past year and a half with art director and co-editor Bill Ramsey is one of the highlights of my media career. He’s a professional unmatched in all my days. He’s a badass.

And now, it’s time for me to move on from this chapter in my life.

In many ways, my life is inextricable from The Pulse. That is certainly something I will have to adjust to in the coming days. Separation anxiety will abound. But I take this opportunity and begin a new chapter.

I have ideas, I have excellent skills. But equally important to those is that I have relationships with some of the best and brightest people in this city. I look forward to working with them in the near future.

Thanks to everyone for their encouragement and talents over the years while working with The Pulse. I offer my sincere appreciation.

Now, let’s make good things happen.


Zachary Cooper


January 3, 2013

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