May 1, 2013

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Blog with a dog and street fashion

The best fashion, many of us would say, comes from the street. So check out the blog of Chattanoogan gal Jaime at (Tagline: “Damn straight she did.”) Jaime and friends model clothes from their own closets and carry on discussions about how to be young, fashionable on no money and generally enjoying yourself.

From a recent post: “So this morning wearing literally the only clothes that were left we hit up the laundromat. Fun fact: not the laundry mat. Nope! Learned that one the hard way. Laun-dro-mat. Mmmm hmmm.” Accompanying pix show the gals at said Laundromat and looking fab.

Says Jaime, “I am wearing NB tennies (I had just been running) sunnies from Target, F21 leggings, some bro’s v-neck (thank you) and jacket from the thrift store.” Love that.

May 1, 2013

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