May 30, 2013

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When Scott Kramer started Greater Chattanooga Aspies (GCA) back in late 2010, one of his visions was to have an online regional community that would stretch out around Chattanooga from Birmingham to Knoxville, from Nashville to Atlanta, and all points between Chattanooga and those cities.

That vision is about to become a reality. GCA is a mixed regional community of parents, partners, spouses, and friends of young adults and adults who are diagnosed and self-diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome (AS) or high-functioning Autism (HFA). GCA members live within a two-hour radius of Chattanooga. 

The focus of this group is solely with young adults and adults who have AS/HFA. For those seeking info about children, Kramer will be glad to refer to the GCA Clearinghouse (where you can find information on AS/HFA) or to another organization that could better assist in that area.

Says Kramer, “I will consider any adult with AS or HFA living outside of the two-hour radius of Chattanooga on a case-by-case basis. GCA will not approve membership to anyone who is a professional in this field of study or a spectator. You must be an approved member to see and participate in our support and social group events.” The purpose of the group is to help provide support between members who may not have access to a support group locally, or who may be looking for an additional means of support. The group will also give GCA members who meet in person at meetings an opportunity to meet other like-minded individuals regionally.

For more information about the Greater Chattanooga Aspies online group, including how to become a member, contact Kramer at 

—Janis Hashe


May 30, 2013

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