September 5, 2013

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While Gary Numan might have wanted to spend a little more time in his car than most of us, Americans have long had an obsession with automobiles, for their speed, beauty, sensuality, and power.  And some of the most beautiful cars of all are some of the oldest.  

September 8-13, pre-WWII automobile lovers get the opportunity to attend the largest premier antique automobile touring event in the world: the Revival AAA Glidden Tour.  Chattanooga is lucky to host the traveling Glidden Tour for the first time ever, with more than  225 antique cars from around the country, including marques that have all but faded from history entirely, like Packard, Hudson, Auburn and Marmon. (The oldest vehicle in the show is a 1909 Pierce Arrow 48. Yowser!)

Of course, this kind of serious event has serious rules—the automobiles must not only be built before World War II, but also must be original and running. The cars have to be road-worthy, as their 500 owners will be driving them all over the area. Tours will include trips to Rock City, Chickamauga, South Pittsburg, Sewanee,  Red Clay State Park and Cleveland.  So, in other words, prepare for a lot of really cool car sightings.

On Friday afternoon, Sept. 13, you can see the cars on display in the parking lot of Westwood Baptist Church in Cleveland from noon to 3 p.m. 

—Chelsea Sokol


September 5, 2013

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