May 10, 2012

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Great conversations can take place over a cup of coffee. It stimulates your wit and your ability to function in the mornings, and coffee, like alcohol, also possesses the ability to make you and your conversation seem more interesting. Christopher Green wants to take advantage of that fuel and learn something in the process.

Green, a Chattanooga newcomer, created CoffeeConnect@YourWork to treat total strangers to the hot beverage of their choice and learn about their favorite spots and sites to see in his new home. You get to enjoy a nice, free cup of coffee and, in return, you are helping Green and others new to the Noog find their own niches and hangouts around town.

In return for your coffee, Green asks only two things of you: to share with him your favorite thing about Chattanooga and any advice you would give to people just moving here. Don’t have a job or regular work hours? Do not fret. He is willing to do a “meet and treat” at your favorite local coffee shop.

“The original idea was that I would come to your work, but it seems as if people are a lot more excited to the leave the office to meet me for coffee,” said Green. Imagine that.

An entrepreneur and Chattanooga enthusiast, Green has also started a companion project to CoffeeConnect called NoBadIdea. Green asks one simple question for his new project: What does Chattanooga need? CoffeeConnect has been a major success in helping Green network in a new city, and he hopes that NoBadIdea can help Chattanooga stay in the progressive mindset. Visit to get your cup.

May 10, 2012

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