February 16, 2012

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Local resident authors, past and present, are being sought out by the Chattanooga Writers’ Guild in order to create a definitive master list of the region’s published authors. The writers’ guild is a non-profit organization that supports and promotes the craft of writing in greater Chattanooga. They are seeking authors who currently live, or have lived, in Chattanooga that have published a book that is for sale to the public.

In order to maintain their goal of supporting all local authors, organizer  Lantz Powell said the guild needs to find out who they are to create communication with non-published authors. Once information is gathered and the list is made, the guild will throw a party for the published authors.

“Our rule is if you were born here, went to school here, or moved here recently you can be on our list,” said Powell. He said the guild has been getting phone calls from out of state writers wishing to be included, so the list is continuously growing.

“Chattanooga has a good history and a lot of people understand they have memories their grandparents told them that need to be put on paper,” Powell said.

The guild is seeking leads on authors, whether published by traditional houses, small regional publishers or self-published, all published works are eligible to be included. To submit information, email your list of published books with your contact information to


February 16, 2012

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