November 7, 2013

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Gotta band? Then you need to know about David and Joel Ruiz’s new project, 423PK. The Ruiz bros are inviting all local musicians and bands to fill out a profile page for their new database, which will cover the Chattanooga music scene. 

Here at The Pulse, we can tell you that one of the frustrations in trying to cover local bands is that they often do not have professional pictures or even up-to-date information about the band and upcoming gigs. 423PK will help solve this pressing problem.

The Ruiz brothers are applying for a MakeWork grant, but in any case will push forward with the project. Musicians and bands that contact them early on are possibilities for a profile that will include professional-quality video, bio, clips and photos, at a deep discount or potentially even free. 

The database will be of great help to both media outlets and potential booking venues, as well as the bands themselves—and has been something the Chattanooga scene has needed for a long time.

To fill out a profile, visit or contact David Ruiz directly at

— Staff

November 7, 2013

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