July 26, 2012

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Apparently the Chattanooga Futbol Club is good for more than just scoring goals and dominating semi-professional soccer. Two former CFC players have developed a new mobile health app called Nudge designed to help businesses keep their costs down by keeping employees in shape.

Mac Gambill and Phil Beene were teammates at Wofford, later for the CFC and are now in the business together developing the app.

 “I wanted to create something that could help address negative eating and exercise cultures within companies and replace them with more active and cooperative workplaces,” Beene said.

That’s where Nudge comes in. It functions as a record-keeping program where participants can enter in their exercise activities and food intake on their computers or mobile devices throughout the day as a part of a health encouragement competition. The system then applies it to a group effort and everyone can track his or her contributions and the boss can reward the team with the best results. So in the end, employees get slimmer and the company saves money through lower health insurance claims and fewer sick days.    

The Nudge team is keeping it local for now, with an office based in Chattanooga and another in Richmond, Va. Aaron Hoffman, who founded Tubatomic Studios and now serves as marketing and sales director for Nudge, said he expects the app to be available nationwide next year.

“The mobile app is currently in use at Cary Street Partners in several southeast locations, and has proven to be easy to use, fun and engaging, and is producing some excellent results,” Hoffman said.

—Cole Rose


July 26, 2012

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