June 21, 2012

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The Mozilla Foundation will facilitate the Gigabits App Design Jam on Thursday, June 21 at the CoLab facilities on East Main Street from 5:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. The idea is to help shape Chattanooga’s technology future with tech creations rooted in community based applications, utilizing the cities gigabit connectivity and advanced networks. This is event proceeds a two-day Gigabit Apps Hackathon set for September 15 & 16, 2012 where a competing team could walk away with top prize,  in addition to having a blast building the apps of Chatt's future. Additionally, the most intriguing prototypes from the Hackathon could evolve into submissions to the Mozilla Ignite challenge, with $500,0000 of seed money and mentorship available to help get them off the ground. For more info visit www.colab.is.

June 21, 2012

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