August 2, 2012

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On Sunday, Aug. 5, Chattanooga Market will be hosting Gaining Ground, a Benwood Foundation project, whose members will educate market-goers about their Harvested Here local food certification program. The program is a part of a growing movement of local growers, sellers and others who are committed to increasing the production and consumption of local food in the Chattanooga region.   The Harvested Here label signifies that the food being sold there was grown or raised within 100 miles of Chattanooga.   

“Through opportunities like Celebrate Local Food Day at the Chatt Market, we can recognize that not only is local food better for our health, it’s also better for our local economy and environment. And through the chef demonstrations this Sunday, you’ll get to experience that it tastes better too”, says Harvested Here spokesperson Ruth Kerr.  —Staff

August 2, 2012

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