February 14, 2013

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Chattanooga Public Library director Corinne Hill literally trekked up the Hill—Capitol Hill, that is—last week as the city’s representative to the Federal Communication Commission’s Broadband Summit.

In Washington last Thursday, Hill participated in a panel discussion entitled “Best Practices Learned from Implementing Broadband Adoption Programs Within Different Communities” at the summit, which was subtitled “Broadband Adoption and Usage—What Have We Learned?”

The summit focused on “best practices” drawn from broadband adoption programs, academic studies and surveys. Its goal was to devise a way to incorporate these to close the broadband gap in low-income households, among racial and ethnic minorities, seniors, rural residents, residents of Tribal land and people with disabilities.

The Federal-State Joint Conference on Advance Studies with the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (try saying that five times fast) sponsored the conference.

Hill, who came to Chattanooga from Dallas to lead the Public Library, is a champion of increasing Internet access to all segments of society and her leadership is evident in such appearances. Last year, the Chattanooga Public Library system became one of the first gigabit-powered libraries in the country.



February 14, 2013

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