June 28, 2012

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As a Southern city on the rise, it is no surprise to natives that Chattanooga is a popular spot to hold a conference. However, for the “Know Nukes Y’all Summit,” the Scenic City is especially qualified to play the host. Starting on Thursday, June 28th and running through Saturday the 30th at UTC, the group claims, “The South is ground zero for the attempted nuclear power revival, and is becoming a nuclear waste dump for the world. Environmental groups are gathering to learn and to teach one another and the public about nuclear issues in the South.”

The group came together over the social concerns from the Fukushima disaster in March 2011 in an effort to educate our region on the risks inherent with nuclear technology. As a region with a well-documented history involving nuclear power dating back to the Manhattan Project in World War II, Chattanooga is not only in the heart of the debate metaphorically, but also geographically with nuclear plants located at Watts Bar, Sequoyah and Browns Ferry. Not to mention six reactors within 100 miles of the city with a seventh under construction at Watts Bar.

Citing an impressive display of environmental activist sponsors, “Know Nukes Y’all Summit” has been able to book some big names for the event. Opening up on Thursday night will be “The Dave & Dave Show” featuring former Chairman of the TVA Board and eco-pioneer S. David Freeman along with Director of Nuclear Safety for the Union of Concerned Scientists David Lochbaum. Citing themselves as neither pro-, nor anti-nuclear, their goal is to inform audiences about living in the midst of the (particularly relevant for Chattanooga) nuclear debate.


June 28, 2012

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One is one to many--Fukushima reactor 4

See what Fukushima reactor 4 is doing to Japan --Scary wake up we the people for future generations ------!!!!!!!!! more than 1 years ago

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