February 7, 2013

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We’ve all seen that sleek sports car buzzing about with its snarky license plate: L8ROFCR. Or maybe you’ve seen that Smart car with its NOTDUMB tag. Not all of us want to spend money on vanity plates, but if you’re a supporter of the arts you may want to invest in a plate that actually supports a worty cause—the arts.

Tennesseans for the Arts is teaming with in creating a new Arts license plate option for Tennessee drivers.  The organization aims to improve communities across Tennessee by supporting and helping find funds for different levels of art.  Like all specialty license plates, 500 of the plates must be pre-sold in order to receive the green light for production.

Ninety percent of the revenue from the Arts license plates, which will sell for $35, will go directly to the Tennessee Arts Commission and the rest will go to the state to cover the price for manufacturing the plates. More than 800 Tennessee artists, schools and organization would receive funding from the plates, including Chattanooga’s Hunter Museum of Modern Art, ArtsBuild, the Chattanooga Symphonya, Creative Discovery Museum and many galleries, theaters, studios and schools.

Even if the bland, non-vanity plate you have on your car now doesn’t need renewing, the Hamilton County Clerk’s office can hold your new Arts plate until it’s time to renew your registration, or your annual renewal fee can be pro-rated. Visit for more information.

Gaby Dixon is a senior at UTC majoring in English and an intern at The Pulse.



February 7, 2013

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