November 21, 2013

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Want to rub shoulders with the next Steve Jobs or Richard Branson? This past Tuesday, Will This Float? showcased the best up-and-coming innovators that this fine city has to offer. Many eager entrepreneurs offered up their ideas to a panel of judges, and only ten were selected based on very specific criteria. 

“It was extremely difficult to choose our Will This Float? finalists given the number of viable and highly original concepts that were submitted,” said Mike Bradshaw, Co.Lab director. 

Finalists included:

•Apex Technologies / Bradley Sewell: Emergency vehicle detection device with driver notification.

• Carbon Objects / Allie O’Connell: Platform for buyers to discover quality, curated art, straight from artists’ studios.

• Gludi / Kyle McClain: Virtual assistant for self-managing diabetes.

• Granola / Kelsey Scott: Handcrafted, locally made, high-quality products for climbing and outdoor use.

• K & J Creative / Jim Meckley: Line of toys and books using 3D printing technology. 

• Mode / Meghan Talluri and Christian Shaheen: Website that makes everyday people designers of their own clothing.

• Mojonnier Guitars / Paul Gardner: Electric guitars designed with a perfect fusion of the past, present and future.

• Project Venus / Michael Powers: A simple, elegant and compostable flytrap. 

• Temperate / Ongeleigh Underwood: Honest American clothing for the intentional style seeker.    

• Viditor / Andrew McPherson: Online video editor that allows users to synchronously collaborate.

Check back with us next week for coverage of the Will This Float? winners.

— Keith King



November 21, 2013

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