March 28, 2013

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If fame, fortune and the pursuit of knowledge are not enough, children in the Tennessee Valley area have a new incentive to read and write. The annual PBS KIDS GO! contest is right around the corner, and the list of prizes is enough to get the most television-loving second-grader to trade his Wii remote for a pencil and paper.

Ironically, the national winners can receive all sorts of tech prizes, such as tablets, e-readers and MP3 players. All participants will have the option to receive a digital or print subscription to Highlights magazine, which is arguably more useful and entertaining than most publications geared to children.

Students who win at the local level will be awarded prizes including PBS KIDS gift baskets and WTCI Kids Club Memberships. A Chattanooga-area student won the local and national prize for kindergarten.

PBS designed the competition to build valuable literacy skills for success in both school and the future. Students in kindergarten through third grade are encouraged to submit their own original stories and illustrations. There is no limit to content, and all topics are welcome.

Local sponsors include Coca-Cola, Comcast and McKay Books, Videos and CDs. WTCI-PBS announced the judges would be Alei Burns, Mary Edwards, Michelle Hecker Davis, Lee Hope, Stewart Payne, Celeste Williams, Chinyere Ubamadu and Shula Yelliott.

The deadline is March 31. Visit to submit an entry.


March 28, 2013

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