March 14, 2013

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The Southern Lit Alliance will host the Celebration of Southern Literature for its 17th year from April 18-20, featuring the works of world-renowned Southern writers. Once known as the Conference on Southern Literature, this event has now evolved into a community event that champions more than 40 southern writers and draws nearly 1,000 readers from across the country.

Once again, The Pulse will co-sponsor this important biannual event, which features some of the South’s most important writers—including Chattanooga’s Jamie Quatro—during a three-day feast for literary fans.

The schedule includes readings by authors, conversational sessions, book signings and lectures on various aspects of the craft of writing across all genres.

On Thursday and Friday, April 18 and 19, a film screening and narrative musical event will take place, respectively. The film is “The Rough South of Larry Brown,” which follows fireman-turned-writer Larry Brown, integrating his short stories with life in Oxford, Miss. Oxford American magazine named it one of the 13 Essential Southern Documentaries. “Good Ol’ Girls” is a musical adaptation about the “big hair and bigger hearts” of five Southern women and is based on short stories by Lee Smith and Jill McCorkle. Songwriters Matraca Berg and Marshall Chapman will also be speaking at “The Voices Behind Good Ol’ Girls.”

Additional tickets to these sessions can be reserved early or purchased for $10 at the registration desk during the Celebration of Southern Literature.

All events take place at the Tivoli Theatre. Registration is required, and tickets are available as a three-day pass, single-day pass and at a discounted student rate. Visit to learn more and purchase tickets.


March 14, 2013

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