March 29, 2012

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With this issue of the Pulse, we bid a fond farewell to Rick Baldwin, our editorial cartoonist for the past seven years.

Baldwin had broached the idea of vacating the spot he’s held in these pages for many years earlier this year, but we convinced him to stay. Now, however, he said it’s time to move on.

“My company is keeping me pretty busy right now. I’ve also been trying to get my art gallery up and running again after moving it in December,” Baldwin said. “Besides that, I’m writing new material in hopes of doing standup comedy again after 15 years or so off. I do plan on continuing cartooning but probably something more alternative and less deadline-oriented that I can put on my website.”

Baldwin added that he feels his recent schedule has affected the quality of his work (something we haven’t noticed) and that perhaps it’s time for another voice to take his place.

But fear not—Baldwin isn’t leaving for good. He’ll continue as a valued, less frequent contributor to the paper. Baldwin’s illustrations grace our cover at least twice a year and he’s also considering a less political cartoon for our Comix page.

“I’ve had fun doing it and I hope I made some people laugh or maybe even think about something,” he said.

Until we can find a talented new editorial cartoonist, look for Alex Teach’s “On the Beat” column to occupy this space each week in The Pulse.

To view more of Baldwin’s work, visit his website at and REK, his contemporary and urban art gallery at 1815 Bailey Ave.


March 29, 2012

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