November 1, 2012

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River City Company recently received Outstanding Project, Program or Tool at the Tennessee Chapter of the American Planning Association’s (TAPA) fall conference.  River City Company was awarded for the Urban Design Challenge, an innovative planning strategy involving a competition between six architectural teams to transform six neglected areas downtown.  

TAPA, as part of American Planning Association, is an advocate for excellence in developing communities with an emphasis on community planning.  It provides leadership in these communities to promote educated and empowered citizens.

“The TAPA awards committee chose the Urban Design Challenge, because of the innovative approach it took to planning,” Heather Sparkes, board member of TAPA’s West Tennessee Section said in a press release.  “The energy that seemed to be created around the special areas that the various teams planned was exciting.  The emphasis on creative placemaking was noted, and we also noted the interest that was created as part of this process.”

Urban Design Challenge, a year-long initiative to continue the revitalization and reconstruction efforts to major areas in Chattanooga, recently concluded with an award ceremony at Track 29.  The River City Challenge Award was judged by three architectural buffs and received by Elemi for their plan focused on the 4th Street Corridor.  BroadJump Team won The Civic Vision Award, which was judged by a tally of audience votes.


November 1, 2012

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