November 3, 2011

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Raring to go with a brilliant idea for solving social problems? Then the upcoming 48-Hour Launch is the place for you. Causeway and Chattanooga Stand will host this month’s version of the all-brainstorming-all-the-time “platform for building collaboration among social entrepreneurs, creatives, specialists and business-minded people.”

Word is they will be looking for ideas “that create new models for solving social problems that may become a stand-alone venture, help a pre-existing nonprofit or become a social enterprise, charity or other business.”

Got one? Then log on to, create a profile, and submit a cause that your idea will address. The pre-event pitch night is Thursday, November 3, and the Launch Weekend is November 11-13.

Follow the hashtag #48HL to stay in the loop. Questions? Email

Visit Co Lab for more information about 48 Hour Launch and for more on the social innovation track.  


November 3, 2011

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