November 1, 2012

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Caleb Ludwick, a developer for local and regional brand strategies and author has been selected as a “Best of 2012 Project” by Print Magazine for his collection of short stories entitled The First Time She Fell.  

Print Magazine is a bimonthly publication dedicated entirely to design, featuring a huge scope of projects from around the world varying from book design to street art. Ludwick will be featured in the December issue of Print Magazine as a best project in the Southeast USA of 2012.

Ludwick’s short stories include textual narratives juxtaposed with illustrations and designs from eight artists around the country who have, at one time, all lived in Chattanooga.  The stories are set in fringe neighborhoods of downtown Chattanooga, and while the characters and situations are fictitious, each story reveals a poignant and universal truth that many outside the confines of Chattanooga can cling to.  

“Less ‘collaboration’ in the traditional sense than independent, solo creative acts bumping into each other, interpreting each other, to create a fictional word,” Ludwick told UnderConstruction in April.  The collection works to give voice to the underrepresented through a marriage between verbal and visual representation.

Design aesthetics aside, Ludwick’s short stories have also recently received literary acclaim.  The First Time She Fell caught the attention of Meacham Writer’s Conference, a weekend-long writing workshop in Chattanooga.  Ludwick was selected to participate in a public reading with visiting writers, Sharan Strange and Stephen Covey on October 27.

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November 1, 2012

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