December 12, 2013

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20 x 20. Twenty images, each displayed for 20 seconds. Trying to summarize what you are most passionate about in less than ten minutes sounds frantic, and it’s that very energy that makes Pecha Kucha such a unique event. 

Since its humble creation in 2003 by a couple of architects in Japan looking for a new, and purposefully brief platform to share ideas, Pecha Kucha has grown virally, with public events hosted in more than 700 cities around the world. Japanese for “chit chat” Pecha Kucha is the perfect platform for creatives to converse about and display their work in an informal setting.

Since 2008, Chattanooga has played host to 14 PK events, each one displaying a handful of the best and brightest that the Scenic City has to offer. A librarian, a filmmaker, a designer, a cartoonist and many others have stepped up to the podium to share their passion with the people of Chattanooga, and this coming Friday another batch of creatives are lined up to share. 

This month’s event will mark the 15th Volume of Chattanooga Pecha Kucha. A lineup of eight presenters have been selected, each one eager to take the 20 x 20 challenge, and with the hopes to inspire.



December 12, 2013

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