January 12, 2012

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  Club Fathom/Mosaic: Looks like all the hubbub over the Mosaic Church and Club Fathom will come to an end on Jan. 31—at least inasmuch that the group will no longer be located at 412 Market St. Pastor Tim Reid and his church/club operations have been evicted from the property and have been asked to vacate by the end of the month. That solves one issue. Let’s see where Reid’s operation ends up next and if the gang problem and other issues requiring police calls follow. A quick check of the daily newswire reveals the shooting hasn’t stopped around town. Sure hope the mayor’s $75,000 study will put the kibosh on all this Wild West stuff.

  Recall Ron: Mayor Littlefield continues to try to thwart the recall effort aimed at ousting him from office with a special election this August, but that hasn’t stopped his potential replacements from picking up papers to enter the race to be Chattanooga’s new mayor. As Nooga.com reported recently, at least a handful of people were at Hamilton County Election Commission headquarters last week to file, with recall effort leader Jim Folkner leading the notable. Also in line were Landon Howard of Chattanooga Organized for Action and Guy Satterfield, a city employee. On the sidelines? Councilman Andrae McGary who told the news website he was there to show “solidary and support.” Uh-hum. Jump in, Andrae, we know you want it!

  Tennessee Tea Party: And finallly, the Tennessee Tea Party has called it quits, according to Nooga.com. It’s not the only Tea Party affiliate in the state, but with 4,500 members, it must be one of the largest. Who counts those people? Certainly not us. Apparently the TTP’s leaders are in the midst of some “spiritual battle of all times” that has something to do with Barney Frank. Oh well, Good Riddance!

January 12, 2012

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