March 19, 2012

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Saturday, March 17 2012

Yesterday’s post was a tiny glance at what we’ve crammed into our waking hours here at SXSW.  So, here’s another list for ya:

1. After the Grammy crashing experience, we were ready for food. Food trucks and/or carts are the way to go at SXSW.  Pappy had a delicious bratwurst.

2.  The group split up.

a.     Jon-Michael and I were told by some industry connections that we were on the list for a Bear In Heaven official showcase. We walked all the way across town only to find out that either we weren’t ever added to the list or the doorman was a jerk.  I’m thinking it was the latter.  He wasn’t nice.  Maybe we should’ve offered him a tip?  Oh well, we caught a free and amazing show by ATL’s Washed Out instead.

b.     soCro, our drummer, wanted to catch up with Rittz, a superb ATL rapper.  Like us, soCro was unable to get into the show because it was packed out, but he hooked up with Rittz outside of the back door.  By the time that happened, we’d all joined back up, so we had the opportunity to deliver a P&K promo cd into the hands of White Jesus himself.

 3.  In the meantime, Dave Castaneda and the members of Moonlight Bride witnessed a powerful keynote presentation by Bruce Springsteen.  I guess they were inspired, although, I’m not really clear about what action points they came away with…

 4. soCro then made it his mission to go into every club on bustling 6th St. to book a soCro performance. The first club he went in to, the Trophy Room said they had an vacant spot at 1 a.m.  Perfect!  He spent the rest of the day inviting hundreds of audience members to the show.  Many of them showed up at 1 a.m.  The one person who didn’t show was the promoter who promised him a show. No soCro show. Our drummer ended that night completely dejected.  Click here to view his facebook post regarding the situation.

 5. I caught performances by electronic artist Oneohtrix Point Never, who literally put me to sleep - well, drinking 2 40 oz. Miller High Life was what really put me to sleep, but the first 15 minutes of his set didn’t help - and 1977 punk outfit, Fear.  Their audience was aging, to say the least.  These old codgers know how to put on a damn good show, though.

Up Next: Performances by Diarrhea Planet, Dan Deacon, Dragonettes, and your very own Prophets & Kings.  I will also briefly report on the new 423 rap crew formed out of stupidity: SLRP a.k.a. Slappers a.k.a. Slow Kids a.k.a. Slow Light-skinned RapPers. 


March 19, 2012

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