March 16, 2012

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Thursday - 2:38 p.m.

Lots has happened since we arrived - I've barely had time to update anything.  This post is coming to you list-style. (hit the slideshow image to the left for all the pics).

 1. We played a show at Kick Butt Coffee shop.  This was their airport location, far from the main festivities, but still well attended as evident by the first pic in the slideshow

We were actually very happy with our performance and supposedly "really impressed" a booking agent who was present, as well as the members of London-based Tai Chi Swayze who also put on a great show to the sold-out crowd that included us.

2. Near-death due to starvation, we decided to stop at Las Casuelas, where the food was amazing and the entertainment was even better.  Really, the food was delicious and well-priced. We recommend this joint. Check the video here: yjwC2raHvig.

3. According to Matt Livingston, the drummer for Moonlight Bride, SXSW is Mardi Gras of hipsters.  He's right.  The streets were packed beyond belief.

4. We caught a really great performance by The Drums, saw a couple songs by OnCue (a good connection for soCro) and randomly ran into our friends at Team Clermont and The Due Diligence, who played a show with us last Sunday at The Honest Pint.  BTW, there are free drinks everywhere, so we were completely hammered by 2 a.m., when we took public transit back to our pad.

5. Lastly, I have to put in a good word for our homie, Kat Dunn, for hooking us up with a great little apt. owned by some friends of hers in Austin.  Staying indoors and having access to a bathroom goes a LONG way in keeping us from getting sick during this week when we sleep 3 hours a night and consume few vegetables.  Thank you, Kat! (pics of 10 of us stuffed into this 1-bedroom pad are coming soon).  As you can see, we woke up well-rested and healthy.

Up next: Shows by Moonlight Bride, FutureBirds, Bear In Heaven, Finn Riggins, A$AP Rocky, Girls, The Shins and lots of tom foolery.

March 16, 2012

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