January 3, 2013

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January 3, 2013

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Thank you from Cleveland!

David, thank you for all that you did for us here in the CLE. It was an honor to have you here and be so much of so many young people's lives...

Susie Sharp | Cleveland OH more than 1 year ago

David Helton

David Helton remains my favorite artist of all time.

John Gorman more than 1 year ago

Still So Proud of You

From day 1 I knew you were a hit. Alway fun to be around even for the competition as I was M105 hired by Nick Mileti when WKBF Channel 61 went bankrupt with Gannet buying us but they had a new paper called USA Today and had to ax the TV station, so they did with no notice to us. I created HOME OF CONTINUOUS MUSIC since a new station has no ads for 4 months.

I just fell in love with the Buzzard out of his egg as his intro. Him pulling Santa was another favorite. I miss you here but we found, you safe & sound.

We are out to get Hank LaConte into the Rock Hall for his Agoras.

Brenda Bender Moran more than 1 year ago

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