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Common Core, aka "Follow the Money"

Jennifer Crutchfield did a marvelous job of revisiting the propaganda surrounding one of the worst concepts to ever invade our educational system.

In reality, Common Core is a system which replaced any creativity in the classroom with standardized tests- tests made by profit-motivated companies who have employed some very good lobbyists. As a degenerated mutant of both No Child Left Behind and Race To The Top, Common Core is basically the federal govt hijacking the education system (which belongs to the states) by tying federal funding to these tests. Good schools are being closed because of these tests. Around the nation, teachers' salaries and even their licenses are being tied to these tests. And the students are being penalized the most. They lose out in actual basics in order for the scared schools to revamp their entire curriculum to teach only what's on the tests- since that's their only guarantee to stay alive.

If anyone reading this ACTUALLY cares about your children's education, contact your principal today and exempt your child from high-stakes standardized testing. If only 6% of a school or district refuses the tests, the entire lot has to be thrown out. Do the right thing, say NO to Common Core, and help us take back the public education system.

If you'd like to find out more about what you can do as a parent, visit

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