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Chattanooga’s Great Museum Hop

Museums have been an integral part of cultural preservation for quite some time. In fact, the first known museum was devoted to Mesopotamian antiquities and dates back to 530 BCE and is located in modern-day Iraq. This is obviously a debated point...

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“I’m going to win, it’s not a big deal,” says Chef Jeremy Auspitz. He’s been prepping to go up against some of Chattanooga’s best chefs at Chattanooga Market’s FiveStar Food Fight. He’s somewhere between nervous, ecstatic, and totally Zen about ... Read more

Between The Bridges

Since 1974, almost 250 artists have passed through the doors of In-Town Gallery. This is not just any commercial enterprise. In-Town’s designation as a cooperative artists’ enterprise sets it apart from other businesses, for it is run by and for ... Read more

The Bowl

The arts scene in Chattanooga is continuously evolving, and the clay arts have recently made a major comeback. There are various ceramic studios scattered across our local area, but Scenic City Clay Arts has a much bigger purpose. Not only is it ... Read more

Between The Bridges

The Hunter Museum of American Art has brought something truly unique to Chattanooga with their newest exhibit. “William J. Glackens and Pierre-Auguste Renoir: Affinities and Distinctions” is now on display, featuring more than twenty works by each... Read more

Between The Bridges

For an animal whose importance to ocean life can’t be overstated, the shark has a tremendous public relations problem. Almost always portrayed as the lurking villains of the salty depths in pop culture, sharks really should be celebrated for the ... Read more

The Bowl

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