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The Art Of Fire

Sculpture Fields at Montague Park, Chattanooga’s relatively new prodigious artistic endeavor, is now the largest sculpture park in the Southeast. It spans 33 acres with almost 50 sculptures from artists all over the world, while 1.5 miles of ...

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Earth Day is upon us once again, though to judge by what’s been happening in Washington, DC, one would think certain politicians would like nothing better than to rename it “Destroy The Earth Day”. But luckily for us here in the Scenic City ... Read more

Between The Bridges

We all hear it, a mantra that often reeks of elitism and pretension, yet lacks clarity and definition and most importantly, inclusion. What does it mean to “Eat Local” or to “Support Local Farmers”? What is the definition of local? In a tech ... Read more

Between The Bridges

With the weather warming, women all around town are shaking off their post-winter doldrums, lacing up their skates, and heading out for some fast-paced, in-your-face roller derby action. The Chattanooga Roller Girls will be taking the track for ... Read more

The Bowl

When I go into I Go Tokyo to talk with owner Margaret Armour, the Japanese inspired boutique on the North Shore is bustling. As I examine the merchandise, I listen to the conversation at the sales desk. “I’m so glad you’re getting those,” Margaret... Read more

Business Briefs

Wine. That word is plenty to comprise its own paragraph, article, book, or dissertation. For some people, the concept never exceeds a cardboard box on Friday evening; for others, it’s a life-long endeavor of passionate, intensive research and ... Read more

Between The Bridges

I’m all for a high-end dining experience where chefs push the culinary boundaries of possibility, transforming ingredients into nearly unrecognizable artisanal masterpieces of gastronomy. That’s great…once in a while. For the rest of the time, a ... Read more

Between The Bridges

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