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How Civil Is Axe Throwing?

It’s a bold choice. But hey, who wants to take in a movie when you can wield sharp objects on a first date? The floors inside the black box arena that is Civil Axe Throwing are dusted with shards of splintered wood. Armed with a one-and-a-half ...



As the Chattanooga Roller Girls come upon the celebration of a whole decade of bouts, Chattanooga celebrates the Chattanooga Roller Girls. If you know anything about the Chattanooga Roller Girls, you know that 1) they are badass, and 2) they do a ... more

The Bowl

Frames of every color dot the walls of Art Creations’ Frazier Avenue store: deep browns, glittering golds, the spectrum of the rainbow, each frame patiently waiting for your choice to perfectly compliment the piece of art, memorabilia, diploma or ... more

Business Briefs

For the past 11 years, Kenny Burnap has been in charge of giving the chefs of St. John’s Restaurant and St. John’s Meeting Place the culinary raw materials to wow the palates of local Chattanoogans. As the daytime butcher of St. John’s and ... more

Dining Out

Dr. Sarah Einstein is an essayist, creates memoirs, and writes literary nonfiction. She was born and raised in Huntington, West Virginia with a loving and hardworking family. When she was a young child in the Sixties, her grandfather sent her and ... more

City Life

In the wise words of Tracy Morgan on 30 Rock, “Live every week like it’s Shark Week.” Every year around July and August, one week takes over everyone’s lives: Shark Week. It’s been airing every year on the Discovery Channel since 1988 and it’s ... more

The Bowl

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