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From The Editor: Fifteen Years Of The Pulse

Fifteen years ago this past week, a small group of people with a dream introduced a new publication to Chattanooga. A weekly alternative newspaper that promised to keep its finger on the “pulse” of Chattanooga. And so, The Pulse was born.



State of Confusion. The name alone piques an undeniable interest; it pays homage to the unique former found object findery that once occupied the same lot. It seemed to almost happen overnight, one day a closed down old antique store, and as if ... more

Between The Bridges

Christmas and holiday decorations are the highlight of my year. A dark evergreen, ball-dotted, tinsel-tipped, star-topped beauty in the corner of my living room brightens my day, and I went so far as to buy Alexa-controlled plugs so I can say ... more

The Bowl

Community. What does that word mean when we break it down and focus on its underlying intent? What could pass for just a word becomes exemplified, a core value inherent in The Moxy, our newest boutique hotel. In Chattanooga’s explosive growth ... more

Between The Bridges

It’s no surprise that calligraphy is making a comeback. Maybe it never went away, I’m not sure, but traditional calligraphy with a nib and inkwell has evolved from something I picture Ben Franklin doing to something you’ll find on a million and ... more

The Bowl

MILK Boutique owner Starr Card has an eye for fashion, something that’s evident the moment I meet her. Dressed in a luxurious, yet simply tasteful white, knee-length cashmere vest she’s belted into a dress over black leggings and knee-high black ... more

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