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A Chef Caters To Children

“I find its always best to shock the world,” says a chef with many irons in the fire, so to speak. Terence Locke Sr. did not know that he was going to be an author when he started his catering company Chef Express four years ago. After working ...

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Sixteen years ago this week, a small group of people with a dream introduced a new publication to Chattanooga. A weekly alternative newspaper that promised to keep its finger on the “pulse” of Chattanooga. And so, The Pulse was born. Read more

From The Editor

In recent years Chattanooga has evolved into an up-and-coming metropolitan. The once small city has experienced tremendous growth in the creation of locally owned restaurants, musical joints, and comedy clubs. One such addition is the Bluff View ... Read more

Between The Bridges

Out on East Brainerd and atop a hill in a pristine parking lot resides one of the best hangouts anyone could hope for. Sigler’s Craft Beer and Cigars has twenty taps and two-hundred beers. I know this because I counted them; they let me. Read more

Business Briefs

Living in Chattanooga is a whirlwind of live music, theatrical performances, arts festivals, comedy shows, and one open-mic night after another. This town is not only scenic, but artistic, musical, and fun in every way. Every single night without ... Read more

Between The Bridges

Hidden treasure. Beautifully decorated holiday store windows. That amazing feeling that comes with helping a charity during the holidays. And a gift basket worth over $1,000. Yes, it’s time again for the NorthShore Holiday Window Treasure Hunt. Read more

The Bowl

Just when the rest of the world is ready to take a holiday, performing artists across town are gearing up for a busy season. Ballet Tennessee certainly deserves a rest, should they want one—this season, they’ve performed at the Youth and Family ... Read more

Between The Bridges



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