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Learn To Connect And Protect

Chattanooga Police Department Sergeant Wayne Jefferson doesn’t mince words. “I’m a realist and am going to tell you how I feel,” says Jefferson. “I’m not a politician and may not be able to make my point of view sound sweet, but after hearing it ...

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One of the biggest antiquing events of the year is coming this weekend to Stratton Hall as the Houston Museum hosts their 46th Annual Antiques Show & Sale. A favorite for antique collectors throughout the region, the show features dozens of ... Read more

The Bowl

Turtles. My hero in a half shell as I have always been fascinated with them since I was born a Maryland Terrapin. Long before the teenage mutant variety graced our presence, I was enamored with the idea of being a slow-moving traveler with my home... Read more

Between The Bridges

The imagery of a banked track with fishnet clad female warriors on eight wheels is as outdated as the term ‘girl’ when referring to a young woman. Over the past decade, the sport of roller derby has evolved and worked diligently to be taken more ... Read more

, Between The Bridges

Founded by educators and friends Ann-Marie Fitzsimmons and Niki Keck in May 2019, Help Right Here is picking up speed within their first year as a “mobile homeless outreach who will help deliver survival support and career assistance where its ... Read more

Between The Bridges

The English Renaissance is familiar to many Americans: Elizabeth I, Shakespeare, Sir Francis Drake likely ring a bell. Not nearly as many have encountered the period known as the Restoration, named for King Charles II’s restoration to the throne ... Read more

Between The Bridges

Silence saved for a gentle boot tap in time with the humming whisper of Mary Sharon Vaughn’s words made popular by highwaymen named Waylon and Willie. Strung upon tall Georgia pines are memories of my six cousins settled in for The Wizard Of Oz ... Read more

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