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The Big 9 Has Found Its Flavor

Serendipity. That’s when something wonderful happens by chance. Then there’s synchronicity — when things come together in an eerie way. Put together the serendipity and synchronicity around The Big 9 Street Food, and you’ll conclude this new ...

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Some caterers serve up one style: Asian food, all-American fare, or perhaps anything dipped in cheese. Not The Absolute Best Eatery. They can cook to your fancy, or, if you want help coming up with a creative ... Read more

EPB Business Spotlight

How many companies are owned by a 14-year-old girl — a girl who has cerebral palsy? In Chattanooga, at least, just one. A serendipitous sequence of events inspired Carmyia Trejo, along with her mother and manager Brandy Madden and her older ... Read more

EPB Business Spotlight

Ella Livingston, co-owner and founder of Cocoa Asante, grew up in Ghana, but she had to travel to Tokyo to become inspired to start a Ghanaian chocolate business in Chattanooga. “In Ghana, we owned cocoa farms on my mother’s side of the family,” ... Read more

EPB Business Spotlight

If you — or your child — is someone who loves competition but also longs to be part of a true dance family, it’s time to try out classes at Infinity Dance Connection. Located at 4421 Highway 58 in the ... Read more

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If you work in industry, construction or anywhere else you need protective footgear, you may be mourning the soon-to-be loss of Sears Shoe Store in Fort Oglethorpe. But fear not — you can find solid protection for your feet, plus a host of other ... Read more

EPB Business Spotlight

“If it can be smoked, I’ll smoke it,” says Quintin Perry, otherwise known as Chef Q. “Wow, you wouldn’t mind if I put that in the article, would you,” I ask. “That’s a great quote.” Chef Q doesn’t mind. He’s bold that way. Right now we’re ... Read more

EPB Business Spotlight

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