Visitor Input Sought At Booker T. Washington, Harrison Bay State Parks For Year-Round Options



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Pickleball Courts

Pickleball courts would be a great addition to the state parks. The city parks of Chattanooga need to add dedicated pickleball courts to several of their parks as well. There are so many players in the Chattanooga area and too few places to play now.

Kevin 37 days ago

Yes, pickleball!!

Pickleball is such a great sport! It's so fun and very easy to get lots of cardio. We are in need of more courts in the Chattanooga area, so I believe this would be a fantastic addition.

Jake Langston 38 days ago


Pickleball courts would be great, this area needs more public courts. Pickleball is a great game for all ages and skill level.

Dean Elrod 38 days ago

Booker T. Washington, Harrison Bay State Parks For Year-Round Options

Pickleball courts would be amazing.

Michelle Curtin 38 days ago


Would love to see pickleball courts

Ruth 39 days ago


Please put pickleball courts in. Good for young and old.

KK 40 days ago

Pickleball Courts

State Parks need pickleball courts, Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in America - State Parks should add dedicated pickleball courts. Chattanooga has a huge number players.

Jim Knowles 40 days ago

Pickleball courts

Pickleball is fastest growing sport, can be played year round by whole family. Too few good courts for number of players in greater Chattanooga area already.

Marilyn 40 days ago


love to see pickleball courts there!

gary B Klein 40 days ago


Indoor and outdoor courts are in great demand.

Judy 40 days ago


Pickleball would be a great addition to the parks!

Barb Fleming 40 days ago

New Picklball Court

We need more facilities in the area to accommodate the growth in people playing this sport. All ages can play with well little start up cost. We need more Picklball specific facilities like the one in Collegedale TN.

Roy L Steele 40 days ago

Dog park!

Would love this at Harrison Bay!

Tammy martin 41 days ago

Pickle Ball

It would be great to have a pickle ball court

Tim Keith 41 days ago

Racquetball courts

It would be nice to have public racquetball facilities

Liz 41 days ago

Disk Golf Course

Do a 12 hole Disc golf course

James 42 days ago

Yes pool

We are excited about upgrading the playground and adding a dog park which i think would increase visiting at Harrison Bay park. We would love to go down to rent kayaks and such but there is no pathway down to it. (If there is i havent found it) we never got the chance to use the pools because of covid but would love to be able to. We are at the park almost every night in the summer as well as camp there often. I would love a place to cool down with the kids and allow them to burn off energy.

Nichole 42 days ago


Please add pickleball courts to our state parks

Donna Lynne Elkins 42 days ago


We need pickleball courts...They are used year round and an awesome sport for the whole family

Tina Morgan 42 days ago

Swimming pools

Turn the swimming pools at Booker and Harrison parks into skate parks for young people. They are told so often where they are not allowed to skate so why not give them a fun safe atmosphere where they can enjoy skateboarding without being harassed.

Thomas Sneed 42 days ago

Pickleball at state parks

Install dedicated pickleball facilities at state parks.

David Witt 42 days ago

Pickelball Courts !!!

Chattanooga needs pickleball courts! Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in America- Chattanooga needs to catch up with this trend 😊

Kim 42 days ago

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