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The Earthrises In Chattanooga

This year, as we celebrate Earth Day, let’s enjoy nature for what we’ve made it, not what it is. Each year, since 1970, people all over the world host events designed to celebrate the life-giving planet we call home. The celebration of Earth Day ...



It’s undeniable that Airbnb, which operates as an online space for hosting or renting short-term lodging, has changed the way people travel. Often touted as a way to experience a place “like a local,” it’s true that a stay in an Airbnb can add ... more

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The Sculpture Fields at Montague Park is a truly remarkable place, and they are hosting their second annual Spring in the Park event this Saturday. With something for everybody, and a day full of activities planned, this event should be marked on ... more

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On any given day, visitors to Reflections Gallery on Lee Highway are treated to an ever-changing array of work by local artists and craftspersons. For more than 30 years, Reflections Gallery has supported the Chattanooga area artist community ... more

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Back in January, columnist Alex Teach wrote here in The Pulse about an innovative approach to treating the opiod injection epidemic in Philadelphia, with the implementation of "safe injection sites". “For those blissfully unaware, this is a ... more

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Will I meet someone tall, dark and handsome? Will I die a crazy plant lady, after all? Who would know the answers? A fortune teller, of course! Joking aside, I approached a conversation with Kali Meister—spiritual healer, empath, claircognizant ... more

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