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“Karting For Kitties”

This coming November, Infinity Flux Cards, Comics and Games marks four years in business...but there is so much more to celebrate than simple longevity. This locally owned comic book shop is a superhero in the community’s eyes as they have been ...



It’s a bold choice. But hey, who wants to take in a movie when you can wield sharp objects on a first date? The floors inside the black box arena that is Civil Axe Throwing are dusted with shards of splintered wood. Armed with a one-and-a-half ... more

City Life

Dr. Sarah Einstein is an essayist, creates memoirs, and writes literary nonfiction. She was born and raised in Huntington, West Virginia with a loving and hardworking family. When she was a young child in the Sixties, her grandfather sent her and ... more

City Life

If you lived in Chattanooga in the early 1900’s, chances are you’d heard of Randolph Miller. He was outspoken in the community, dubbed “one of the most unique characters within the bounds of the city of Chattanooga”—not to mention being one of ... more

City Life

Chef Rebecca Barron sits at the helm of Chattanooga’s food world. The esteemed St. John’s Restaurant is undoubtedly a pillar of the culinary happenings of the Scenic City. Ooohs and ahhhs abound when you share the news of dining at the ... more

City Life

“HONK!”, the musical about the Ugly Duckling, has been around for a quarter of a century now. This July, Ensemble Theatre of Chattanooga is staging a version that involves kids, trash, animals, dance, and, quite possibly, YOU! more

City Life

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