Between The Bridges

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A New Life Starts Here

Some words mean very little. A passing idea with no real grit or concept. The word “refugee” is not one of those words. It is a heavy word in any connotation. The idea is uncomfortable because the very concept comes from a place of extreme ...

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This weekend, 600 leaders of the “maker” movement from around the country arrive for the Nation of Makers conference, or NOMCON. Maker Faires are like public festivals of home-made stuff, from robots to arts and crafts, while NOMCON is a ... Read more

Between The Bridges

Based in Chattanooga, VERSA Gallery is both an artistic space and creative team where the visual and the material meet to foster interaction and dialogue between art, artists, and you. Anne Daniels, Chloë George, Alesha Lee, Stephanie Loggans ... Read more

Between The Bridges

“It’s not drinking alone if the dog is home,” goes the old adage. Perhaps the smartest animal in history, dogs have worked their way into a life of luxury and ease. They lounge around the house all day without paying a cent in rent, stuffing ... Read more

Between The Bridges

Many people, like myself, are scared to death of dance. Perhaps the rawest expression of emotion, often mesmerizing in scope and ability and talent, dance is something that I am in awe of. It is an awareness of body, mind, collaboration, and the ... Read more

Between The Bridges

Prostate cancer. It’s an ugly horror that leaves movie monsters looking like child’s play. The fear of a boogeyman under the bed can never compare to the real-life endemic of a treacherous demon living and breeding inside of our bodies. It is the ... Read more

Between The Bridges

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