Between The Bridges

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Chase Ellsworth, Illusionist Extraordinaire

Every kid goes through a fascination with magic growing up, but the illusion bug bit Chase Ellsworth pretty hard. “My uncle bought me what you could call an encyclopedia of magic” says Ellsworth. “It showed you how to perform hundreds of tricks.”

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What separates the inaugural Chattanooga MotorCar Festival from other car shows is the diversity of its program. It’s the only car event to offer a Concours, a Rallye, and Time Trials on a closed circuit, plus myriad family activities. And it all ... Read more

Between The Bridges

Big change is happening at Chattanooga Ballet. After the short tenure of artistic director Andrew Parker, a new artistic director—Brian McSween, most recently with Ballet Memphis—has joined Chattanooga Ballet after a national recruiting search. A ... Read more

Between The Bridges

It’s that time of the year when a hint of Fall is in the air, though this year, Mother Nature seems to be wanting to keep the thermostat set a bit higher than normal. And one of the very first signs of the approaching change of seasons is when ... Read more

Between The Bridges

Chef. Author. Culinary historian. Two-time James Beard Award Winner. Michael W. Twitty is likely the most prolific expert on the roots of Southern foodways in the world. Mr. Twitty’s brilliant and focused cadence tells the deeper story of the ... Read more

Between The Bridges

Sprawling food halls are commonplace in many of the world’s cities. Hawker stalls packed into every nook and cranny of endless buildings compete to sell their specialty dishes, out-do their neighbors, and feed food-obsessed inhabitants ... Read more

Between The Bridges

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