Between The Bridges

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No Confusion On The Southside

State of Confusion. The name alone piques an undeniable interest; it pays homage to the unique former found object findery that once occupied the same lot. It seemed to almost happen overnight, one day a closed down old antique store, and as if ...



Community. What does that word mean when we break it down and focus on its underlying intent? What could pass for just a word becomes exemplified, a core value inherent in The Moxy, our newest boutique hotel. In Chattanooga’s explosive growth ... more

Between The Bridges

I have been a Chattanooga resident for nearly five years at this point in my life. For the majority of my time in this beautiful city, I have lived in Red Bank but recently, my wife and I moved into a triplex in the North Shore and things are ... more

Between The Bridges

Chattanooga is a national climbing destination. We all know this by now. In a hundred-mile radius lie some of the greatest sandstone cliffs and bouldering fields on the entire east coast. What few of us have noticed is the tireless effort that ... more

Between The Bridges

It can be blindingly easy to walk past. Another new place, another same ol’ same ol’. “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss sings;” the old adage. Another coffee shop, they come and go like morning dew. It’s when we decide to stop and take a ... more

Between The Bridges

As host to millions of guests, the Tennessee Aquarium and its many animal ambassadors have created millions of photo opportunities and forged millions of cherished memories over the years. With the imminent arrival of the holidays, the Aquarium ... more

Between The Bridges

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