Between The Bridges

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Time To Feed A Fever

I’m sweating. I’m freezing. My skin hurts. My chest is tight. I’m hungry but I can’t stomach anything but orange popsicles and chicken soup. It’s the flu. I am not one to be sick often so when it hits, it takes me down for the count. I thought I ...

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The white walls peppered with community flyers are as bright and cheery as the barista Cherise. As I have not always been a lover of coffee, I have always been a lover of growing community and Coffee Community Collective, affectionately referred ... Read more

Between The Bridges

A couple months ago, someone said to me: “You need to develop a critical aesthetic.” A set of values as a dance critic, essentially. But The Pulse doesn’t write reviews often; we prefer to look forward. So I’ll start with a memory but only as a ... Read more

Between The Bridges

As most New Year’s resolutions focus around health and personal development, we wanted to highlight a local program that will help light a fire under your eggnog-ladened lazy butt. This unusual bootcamp can provide more than just an increased ... Read more

Between The Bridges

When thinking of Chattanooga’s history, there are many companies that have been an integral part of making Chattanooga who we are, such as Krystal, Loveman’s, Double-Cola, MoonPie, and numerous others. However, we couldn’t have gotten close to ... Read more

Between The Bridges

“I find its always best to shock the world,” says a chef with many irons in the fire, so to speak. Terence Locke Sr. did not know that he was going to be an author when he started his catering company Chef Express four years ago. After working ... Read more

Between The Bridges

In recent years Chattanooga has evolved into an up-and-coming metropolitan. The once small city has experienced tremendous growth in the creation of locally owned restaurants, musical joints, and comedy clubs. One such addition is the Bluff View ... Read more

Between The Bridges

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