A Life Very Well Lived



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Spoken From The Heart

Gary, I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. It's never easy. Honor and cherish your father by remembering all the happiness he brought into this world. I pray that an extra portion of God's Holy Spirit be with all his family and friends; holding your hand and your hearts close. Even though we lose loved ones to this horrible plague called death, the heart never forgets and the love never dies!
If you need someone to talk to, I'm here for you and you know where to find me.

Charlotte Hill 301 days ago


Gary, I know how you are feeling as I have lost both of my parents. No one really "gets it" until they have gone through the hurt. They say it takes time but I can say I do not believe that. You keep going but you do NOT stop hurting. You did a beautiful job on the writing and I am sure he was very proud of you. May God heal your heart and shine His face upon you. Love and Peace of Christ I send to you.

Jerry Ann Tollett 301 days ago


Thank you very much for the kind words, Jerry.

Gary Poole 301 days ago

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